Escape into the flames of love,

Be gone and lost in paradise,

Open arms and free eyes,

Hair flowing in sea motion,

Like the water or more like Jellyfish,

Sunny Sunflowers blowing in the wind,

Circle this world round and round,

Was, is and will be my only wish,


While I dance and surround,

With a whitish pink dress making me flawless all around,

Black paint over my eyelids,

Pink cheeks and red rosy lips,

Daisy hugging me as my necklace,

All this and a smily glow comes to my face,

While I dance and rest at a green ground

I feel fresh shade over me,

I open my eyes and see,

See real Deep,

Like I promised to keep,

This glimpse more than a day,

More than uncountable,

March, April And May,

And suddenly during April you lay,

And suddenly during May I say,

And suddenly during March,

Together we stay,

In a way no one, nothing and anything could take away,

Our togetherness, Our world, and Our love,

This is undeniably hearty exclusively especial to us,

More than anything else above,

And we begin our real Escape,

Escape into the heaven of Love,

Sweeter than pineapples and grapes,

Beautiful than floating Dove,

We see the sun, the moon and the stars,

We see the world and someday also Mars!!!


My Selfless Problem


How could I have let down my life…?

I circle around the same ring; I circle around the same road

They say each day is a blessing, they say each day is something beautiful…

Well, life in such statements is just Statements!!!

My heart knows to love; my mind knows to think,

My nerves and veins are all in right places…

I am normal, a normal girl with continuous fall…

Yet there is no contradiction, there is no greed, there is no evil…

My life just does not know how to link…

Link to happiness link to perfection…

I have dealt with the death of my loved ones; I have dealt with drought…

And I have felt like Shit that melt…

The continuous torture of fear

The continuous torture of what if

My fingers only move to write…

Then to do the others they are depressed…

It’s not that I am in Lack, lack of love…

Love is there and for now that’s all I care…

But yet I think of so many things that saddens me,

But yet I think of so many laughs that brightens me,

But yet I think of so many tears that showers me,

But yet I think of so many kisses that slackens me,

Only few things I care, only simple happy ending I desire

Not for me…Not for my happiness…

It is a Selfless problem with me…

There is no send and receive…

There is no give or take…

There is no come and go…

There is no an eye for an eye…

I always tend to send, I always tend to give….

I always tend to forgive…

And the times when there is nothing to give…

No gifts to send…

No places to go…

No philosophies to comfort…

No words to write…

My life feels to descend…

Only few people I care

Only few lives I share…

And I find my lack in life…

That few things I could not do

Few things I could not say…

Few smiles that could thank

Few words that could not spell sorry

For those few I deeply worry!

To Lord Ganesha: The Mornings Gets Best With You!



Religion is a vast term. I may not be the right person to answer to the question, what is Religion? and what are your takes on it? Because I have never thought of Religion as something to have your takes on or your perspectives. But A religious person, I would call my self because even though I don’t do complete ceremonial “Worshiping”, I sit in front of the statue of Lord Ganesha and I genuinely pray. I sing the Ganesha Arati (Prayer song). The early morning might be lazy  but the only thing that refreshes me is the sound of the prayer song that goes straight to my ear and to my heart and as I close my eyes… I could feel all the negative vibes going out and all I can see is the concentration that I can put into finding the purest part of my soul through the prayer song.The song might be only a praise to Lord Ganesha if you just listen it as any other song…but as I go deep each day listening and really listening to the songs…the words are so pure and rhythmic…the words are the best examples of the best poems…It feels like you are falling into the depths of meaning and slowing grasping the meaning of it all. Its like when you read any philosophy and then re- read again and then re-read again and you feel slowly you are connecting yourself with the Philosopher step by step.

Lord Ganesha- symbol of so many purest things in the world and good luck, for me he is also a Great Philosopher, and each day I get insights from him, I realize the happiness embedded in all the sadness we superficially see in the world, I connect to the world beyond myself and feel enlivened each day. I guess that is all, all the Philosophies in the world that have ever existed tried to say, Life, death,  happiness, and sadness in all its complicated or simple ways. The simple prayer song makes me philosophical each morning and teaches me lessons that embroider my view on life in even more beautiful ways.

Literature has taught me so many things and I am still a learner. I will forever be thankful to those who have inspired me to write. Lord Ganesha and the morning session with him is the most inspiring of all for me to continue what I do or don’t do in my life. The inspiration is true, innocent and pure, the prayer is humble and from the heart and I promise to continue doing the morning session of prayers for the rest of my life. And thus this is To Lord Ganesha: The Mornings Gets Best With You!

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The cozyness of sleeping in a Bed!


The cozyness of sleeping in a bed,
Warm blankets, like a.kitten sleeping in a basket,
I feel my toes heat up
My sleep gets full to top
My hands caressing my heart
Oh! What a comfort, like a soft toy painted in a Chistmas Card.
The cozyness of sleeping in my warm bed,
My dreams are of summer during winter
My dreams are of May during December,
And my bed makes my dream come true.
In this cold chilling nights and foggy morning dew,
I don’t know what does a heater mean
When in my bed my body gets to lean,
I forget all the world’s sin
And my mind is clean.
This is the magic, the cozyness of my bed does
A peaceful time with myself, no outer buzz…

And suddenly I wake up for a toilet break
The cold monsters grab my skin with a shake
The cozyness of sleeping in my warm bed quickly stops to bake.

The monsters create a hissing voice,
And I can clearly remember they announce it twice…
“Imagine bodies with no cozyness of a bed
No Peace
No Blankets
No Warmth
No Dreams
No Christmas Cards
No full set cozy bed
And not even Fed.

Just cold chilling nights and foggy morning dews,
Upon their bodies, that lay Almost Dead!

Random words…


The day has come the day has been seen
Everything in pain and joy at the same time
Everyone in tranquil and lost
A writer writes his words
A writress writes her words
How come its true
Is it actually theirs what they do?
A painter/ess paints his/her art
But are the colors theirs?
A worshiper cries out loud Oh my lord!!!
Does the lord lives in his heart or just in his lips?
Queries undeniable and eccentric and discreet…
I can’t speak for the world
I can’t speak for any of them
I can’t represent the nature
I can’t represent the artifacts
I can’t understand the manmade world let alone be the representation,
I can’t represent God for reasons far above me
I can only speak for me
The truth is i attempt actually
But someone once told me you don’t try! Either it is or not!
Only black and white No grey and trying is grey!!!
That was someone…
My journey in grey is trying to find my words…
I don’t remember where they come from..
I don’t know what is the source…
Sometimes i ease my soul,simply quoting ABCD to Z
Have my words have changed if it was ZABDG and so on…
Simple but hell of complications…
I get lost mostly writing…
May be speaking too..and then a gentle smile helps me cover my lost words
I never know where to find a conclusion once i start…
Well that is the question of the century “conclusion”
Death is not a conclusion i know for sure…
There is human memory…
I simply don’t have answer to anything…
I leave it to the universe! And
I leave it to time!



Hope always follows her. It was not only a word that kept her living but a source to drive away the loss. What can be a terrible loss for her that made hope follow her everywhere she went. The terrible loss that was beyond itself. She would stand and strand herself with the saddest life she has got but she would look back for some happiness. And Hope gave her that happiness, that light.

She was a lovely person, a caring human. The wind that blows in the wrong season became the happiness for her when she a lovely, lovely person. The sense of living was felt in her smile. Anyone  being near to her would be blessed with her touch. A divine being, she was. The world is filled with people gathered to themselves, but when she gathered to herself, something changed in the Air. She was denying but she could change something in the Air.

Home could not be better without her. Home could not be warmer and cozy. She stumbled here and she bubbled there. She was happy. And she was her own life. Taken into the blissful scene, she would beautify the nature. She just could do something with the Air. It was like her hair would blow the hair of air, just something opposite. Air would get obsessed with her power to change something in it. Anything but something was there.

Dancing made her wild. To free the body and to free the mind. When she started to dance, she closed her eyes and dropped a music from her mouth. After that something came from a distance above the space, dropped to her feet like the meteor and started the music loudly. She could do just something with the Air. When she danced, she made an alternate self, her transparent self dancing right besides her. Her both self would make a right combination for companionship. She was a creator of herself.

Her eyes would even lure God to eat The Apple. Her eyelids were strong and slim. Her eyebrows were like the shapes of mountain, her  glowing eyeballs were just two stars taken from the universe and fitted somehow. The lust anyone could find in her eyes were just too much majestic.

And when she would smile, she could do even more with the Air, when she spoke she made the Air faint in its way inside and out. The slow motion of her lips would attach the breath in such ways that it forgot to breathe. She just could do something with the Air. She could tranquillize the air and make Breath forget to Breathe.

Her heart was of an enormous size. Like the television box would fit into her heart. Heart of heaven, she had. The pumping of blood through her heart’s veins and ventricles was like the serenity of waterfall. Her veins and ventricles, her nerves and bones were the inevitable paths to Peace.

Her body was not perfect. She was just a being who could change how the Air moved. She could make the world seem small, in front of her majestic miracle.

And suddenly the loss began to overpower. The loss to take her from heaven to hell. The loss to make her journey from heaven to hell shattering, very suffering. Like the meteor that she made drop from the universe for her music to dance, she dropped even more fast but the pain remained slow. But still she could do something with the Air. She did, but the pain slowed even more. Her enormous heart just shrank like the airless balloon and she just could not stay up in the Air, she dropped to hell just like the light drops to earth from the sun. Her star like eyes closed because of the force. Her majestic body freeing dance incarnated to be a stone, rock like stone. Her fall became even more quick, very fast and very much furious. But the pain was nothing but very serious and slow. Her hair did not flow anymore, rather it breaded itself like three snakes cuddling each other. Her smile, simple and serene ruptured into scream, vicious and vast. At that point, she just wanted to look back at Hope and make her land at least; even it is hell, land or anywhere. But Hope like others did not leave her, he gave her a Light and before she could land, She just Forgot How To Change Something In The Air!

Yesterday I talked to Happiness!





Yesterday, I talked to Happiness,

He was all good, beyond better

To see him, to notice him,

Subtle yet so little

He smiled and smiled in each words

The conversation was good, beyond better

He said he is not a dweller

He does not need a shelter

Majestic in tone and divinely Alone

He said he is a Nomad in a loan

Happiness was not mad, he was a Nomad,

Lost in words and spellings,

I asked what am I then?

You are no nomad, that is all I know

He said in a chirping voice but I know,

I know your Kind MAN;

Man can never be a Nomad but is always Mad!

Truth seems to come in my thoughts,

All they need was riot and caught,

Caught in action by this Majesty,

I was snapped

I was slapped,

By this rude person!


Lost in Life

Lost in conversation!

He showed some happiness tricks,

Like magic card tricks

I consoled he was definitely a freak,

Something clicks out of Happy tricks,

when it clicks out of life,

falls a big heavy monstrous truck of sad Bricks,


Happiness is a Nomad,

He does not stay, he stays for a second,

A second even time itself cannot count,

It is not one of the uncountable nouns,

A second that is just invincible and invisible,

Yesterday, he was there with me,

We had lovely dinner, lovely words to share,

A second to spend with Happiness,

I remember his last words to me, Crystal clear,

Yes! Yesterday I talked to Happiness, All Joyous and Juvenile,

He smile and he said he won’t be here for a while!!!