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The Headliners Of the week-The lights


The roads are full of people and full of vehicles and full of lights. People are strangers but they share a common interest, to be happy , to be full of brightness, poor or rich, it’s all about the richness that brightens out of the lights that are embroidered to enlighten the streets, the beautiful houses, the stunning gardens and impressively astonishing Shopping Malls. Varieties so many varieties, lights made out of the clay, and somewhere lights made out of gold-plated metal, somewhere diamonds like jewelery hanging outside the windows and doors, what more can a man not afford in these times called the Festivals of lights?

Nepal, a poor country perhaps but a very rich one indeed. So many branded cars around the city, SUVs and Luxury dress ups, All for the Lights,  all for the beautiful 5 Days nights.  I circle around the city of Kathmandu, above all the headliners of the week is the one and only heart capturing sight of colorful and shining LIGHTS! Dashain, is kind of empty here, but Dipawali, is certainly not empty, Empty for Sadness and Full for Happiness. If we compare and research, Dipawali surely wins over Dashain, as it’s not only about the festival, or sacrifice, or worshiping, or blessing, or playing cards and getting drunk with family and friends, We have very deep connection of this festival with our origin as human beings. Man has always been persuaded by the contextual or literal meaning of the light. People are always driven towards lights and never look at the place of darkness.  We respect Sun, because it is the source of light, The world without Light is Dark. And no body likes Dark -Ness! Dipawali celebrates our keen interest as human being, as we are always driven by or driven towards the absolutely inevitable phenomena called Light!

I wish Happy Dipawali/Tihar to everyone,  This time, make it even more Bright! 🙂