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Love is the source of expression! So, lets Express and Love!!!

Nature’s Call


To read and to write,

Definitely, not a basic need,

But to know the human side,

So intricate and yet delicate,

Need becomes indebted to creative seed,

To eat and to drink,

Definitely, a basic need,

But to live a blissful life,

One’s heart must learn to suffice,

When comes a time of happiness,

One must learn to share the space,

And to cry or to laugh ,

Shake hands that are soft as well as tough,

There’s so much to take,

Even when one’s life is at stake,

Difficult to make us awake,

We, only know how to fake,

Love manufactured in our human hearts,

We are the only ones,

Responsible for fortune cookies to bake,

And make the rotten humanity a Happy Cake!
Most intelligent of All,

With computers and buildings high and tall,

We’ve exceeded beyond the Great Fall,

Living in a bubble, Assumptions of mother earth as party hall,

The forgotten fear, the limited wall,

One must open eyes,

Hours later the party ends,

The hall to be emptied with sudden Nature’s Call!!!




Could any of eveything be alright?

Will ever this life be normal?

Could the tears stop?

Will the smiles return?
For the first time, I feel there is nothing to write,

My words are faded, my words are crying,

I look at the ceiling, and in the seconds time I could be crushed under it,
They say, the plates are shaking,

But hearts are shaking, Lives are shaking…

If this shake could ever change to a delightful dance,

May be, From this May mother Earth trying to give us a last chance…

A chance to be humane, 

A chance to learn to respect,

A chance to be kind,

A chance to give, 

A chance to live and let live,

A chance to rise above,

A chance to Love!
Houses are just dust and broken bricks,

Temples are just a place to mourn,

Now, at this time, exactly this second,

A numb feeling exists in everyone’s hearts,

And I wonder why would people create bomb bards,

In a world, where nature’s bombs are ready to lunch, ready to hunt…

Foolishness prevails, thar’s why we wail!
Death awaits everyone,

May be now, he is also tired, tired of himself,

Earth awakes everyone,

Certainly, she is angry now,

Death must follow Earth’s rule,

Untill she is rested and cool!
No one is to blame here,

Nothing but just to Fear,

Fear the amalgamation called Dearth!

My Selfless Problem


How could I have let down my life…?

I circle around the same ring; I circle around the same road

They say each day is a blessing, they say each day is something beautiful…

Well, life in such statements is just Statements!!!

My heart knows to love; my mind knows to think,

My nerves and veins are all in right places…

I am normal, a normal girl with continuous fall…

Yet there is no contradiction, there is no greed, there is no evil…

My life just does not know how to link…

Link to happiness link to perfection…

I have dealt with the death of my loved ones; I have dealt with drought…

And I have felt like Shit that melt…

The continuous torture of fear

The continuous torture of what if

My fingers only move to write…

Then to do the others they are depressed…

It’s not that I am in Lack, lack of love…

Love is there and for now that’s all I care…

But yet I think of so many things that saddens me,

But yet I think of so many laughs that brightens me,

But yet I think of so many tears that showers me,

But yet I think of so many kisses that slackens me,

Only few things I care, only simple happy ending I desire

Not for me…Not for my happiness…

It is a Selfless problem with me…

There is no send and receive…

There is no give or take…

There is no come and go…

There is no an eye for an eye…

I always tend to send, I always tend to give….

I always tend to forgive…

And the times when there is nothing to give…

No gifts to send…

No places to go…

No philosophies to comfort…

No words to write…

My life feels to descend…

Only few people I care

Only few lives I share…

And I find my lack in life…

That few things I could not do

Few things I could not say…

Few smiles that could thank

Few words that could not spell sorry

For those few I deeply worry!

In Inside


In inside of my Brain

Thoughts of you pour like Rain,

I ask what do I gain?

In inside this precious pain!


Your thoughts follow me like a train,

If I was a field, you would be my only grain,

I know this madness might seem insane,

But it was madness that made man build an Air plane,

The picture is very plane,

Behind every word something vividly vain,

Thing called Love, A Love, Just The Love,

Each moment I prepare myself for you,

The Powders don’t glow me, Why? Have no clue,

AAh! its you, you bring the Glow in me, In us,


In inside of my heart I sing a song,

For our companion be stretched to too long and Long,

I compare you to my body parts,

If I am right, then you are my left Lung,


Oh ! My sweet sweet Love,

To what I compare you , sweet as a Dove,

My Words end with metaphors no more,

Because In inside of my heart and in inside of my brain,

“I love you” is the only thought I forever can Refrain! 


The Headliners Of the week-The lights


The roads are full of people and full of vehicles and full of lights. People are strangers but they share a common interest, to be happy , to be full of brightness, poor or rich, it’s all about the richness that brightens out of the lights that are embroidered to enlighten the streets, the beautiful houses, the stunning gardens and impressively astonishing Shopping Malls. Varieties so many varieties, lights made out of the clay, and somewhere lights made out of gold-plated metal, somewhere diamonds like jewelery hanging outside the windows and doors, what more can a man not afford in these times called the Festivals of lights?

Nepal, a poor country perhaps but a very rich one indeed. So many branded cars around the city, SUVs and Luxury dress ups, All for the Lights,  all for the beautiful 5 Days nights.  I circle around the city of Kathmandu, above all the headliners of the week is the one and only heart capturing sight of colorful and shining LIGHTS! Dashain, is kind of empty here, but Dipawali, is certainly not empty, Empty for Sadness and Full for Happiness. If we compare and research, Dipawali surely wins over Dashain, as it’s not only about the festival, or sacrifice, or worshiping, or blessing, or playing cards and getting drunk with family and friends, We have very deep connection of this festival with our origin as human beings. Man has always been persuaded by the contextual or literal meaning of the light. People are always driven towards lights and never look at the place of darkness.  We respect Sun, because it is the source of light, The world without Light is Dark. And no body likes Dark -Ness! Dipawali celebrates our keen interest as human being, as we are always driven by or driven towards the absolutely inevitable phenomena called Light!

I wish Happy Dipawali/Tihar to everyone,  This time, make it even more Bright! 🙂

I will miss!


We take one step ahead and mostly look back. Its human and its natural to look back, and just stare for a while and say,”Aww! I love you”,  ” Oh that was that”, “it was amazing”, “aahh!! My life”, ” OMG he was so cute”, “wow! that guy just gave me a look”, ” he was an ass hole”, ” it was one hell of a movie”, or just “miss those days”. But the thing is we move on, why do we move on?, may be because we have to, we have to get somewhere and collect days to miss and stare again and spell those words!

Our life is not exactly what we except actually. Some say, I am doing exactly what I want in Life and doing great. Some say, my life is perfect, drugs, alcohol, music, friends, partners and all. Some say I hate this life, its a complete burden to me. But lets, think and deeply think even we love our life so much, or hate our life so much, we always look back in our lives and pass at least a comment, just even with one word, we get reminded of what we love and hate both and some way some how, we all miss those days.

Your parents died. You miss your days when you had a family. You just lost heavily in a business, you miss your profit making days, you just broke up with your girlfriend/boy friend, and you are now sad, then you miss your days with her/him, your lover is  far away from you, then you miss those days when your lover was with you and moments spent together, you are working now and you miss your school days when you have so much anticipated about your future work and doing the same, but still you miss your school days, you miss your kids, you miss your wife, your brother, your country, your family, your friends, your relationships, and everything! You take one step and admit it or not you are missing the step you just took, as I am missing all the above written words pressed one after another! Actually, we miss our every breath and every heartbeat, every hair falls, every old clothes, every other eaten food, every other dead dogs, every thing.

At the age of 21, soon going to be 22 this May 2011, if I be able to still take the precious oxygen  this earth offers, as I have deep respect for Earth, not  because its my ruling planet, but its just too beautiful to live in this Earth, even though you cry, you smile, we depend on it, to live and to die… So at the age of 21, 5:08 pm(my country time) I write these words, as I miss every days that have passed, I will miss every single day that is going to come and on the list of the things that I am going to miss; I want to add Today! Yes I will miss today!

And when I die I will surely miss my family, my love and his presence, my friends, my belongings, my words, my poetry, my blogs, my computer, my favorite food, my precious precious purse, my cell phone, internet, people, strangers, mountains, my place, stars (may be I will be one of the stars), air, water, trees…Everything!

I will miss this world!

Until then, I will Keep on writing and missing and missing and writing all the time!!!


Dear Mom And Dad,


Dear Mom and Dad,
I miss you. I love you. Today, dad your unloving mom came and told us things that she might have told you when you were alive. But now she has decided to tell us those undesirable things. May be I don’t now totally blame our circumstance then, but now I blame your family Dad, our shit family where you were born and that is why you died because of them. Those inhuman people know nothing than property and money. We have lost you. We have lost Mom. What is remained in this world for us to loose now, I don’t have particular idea but now they have come to snatch your memories and the rights you should have got long ago. They have come in such shameful way; it is such a disgraceful thing to say even that I am born to this family where there nothing but only money counts.

I can curse I can curse real hard and curse them that they die and rot and rot and die in hell, but they have everything we don’t. And it’s just that we have lost you. The thought of that even shakes my strength, why this is and what is this. No wonder, they all have decided to take our house, our land and give us nothing that belonged to you Dad and I have no idea how you faced your own mother saying those words that today morning I had to hear. Such a ridicule these people are, every one of them is a big shit of disgust.

My sister is tough, she is emotionally strong. I am too. But when it comes to matters that relates to you, tears naturally fall from my eyes, my lips begin to shake, my heart begins to sink and my soul just cries that if only I had you both. Today, I cried like the day when you left, when mom left, I cried like a little baby in search of its mommy and daddy, when left alone. How can I describe what am I feeling rite now and why this way. Surely, my sister is also crying inside and crying hard but she does not show, after all she has to take care of her little sister, me. I screamed and I said where are we going to live, we have options but I don’t want to let go of what mom and dad had right on and what we have right on, I don’t want to let go of any of the things that belonged to you. I don’t. But now I guess I want to, because I don’t want to let go of my life my precious life given by you both, in dealing with these sinful people. I want to live my life as you have wanted. A dignified life. A really dignified one.

Now, they are saying, we should give our land too, because one of them put fire on your body mom. We never said them to help us in cremation. We even said that we would do by ourselves, but out of social sympathy they did, and now they are demanding their share of property from us, two little orphan kids, who have a small old really 60 years old house almost crooked like in horror movies and a piece of land, that doesn’t even have so much of worth value. This is all that we have got. And what in the world they are going to take from us. It would be my kindness to give them what they are demanding if they were poor and had nothing for living, but they all are filthy rich, they are rich Mom and Dad, but also they want things that belonged to you from us, how we are going to let go of things that belonged to you.

We can say, surely that we won’t give our house, our land, but then, the case would be concerned to court and I surely don’t want to be involved in this mess of legal matters. I don’t want to deal with these people, just had enough of these things. I am confused. We are confused. Please help us mom, dad, please come back, Please I beg you, please come back please, please please…

I am not strong, I am weak without you, I am just a little baby of yours, and I may be poor orphan for this world, but like every other child I want to hug you when matter like this come up, when every time I breathe, every time I live my everyday and each and every moment. I miss you. Please come back! Please Come Back!!!