Love Is What Not,

Love is Wonderful,


& More Beautiful!

Splendor, Pure & Cure,

Love is the Walking dream,

Real Fantasy,

Love is Smile,

Love is Tear,

Love is Warmth,

Love is A pain killer,

Love is an addiction,

It is a Drug,

Love is Lavish,

Love is Luxury,

Love is thoughtful,

Love is Spiritual,

Love is Sacred

And in times Profane,

You laugh when You Love,

You cry when You Love,

You feel when You Love,

Love is peaceful,


Love is A Healer

Love is like Time,

Never ends,

Love is Universal,

Elongates And Grows

Existed before Centuries…

Will Exist After Centuries…

Love is vision and sound,

Love is Music,

Love is A Song,

Love is An instrument,

Love is Rhyme,

Love is Hymn,

Love is a Lyrics,

You make moments of Life,

When you are in Love,

You change your heart,

Into a red Red Rose,

When you love just love,

You look deep into Mirrors and

you see A Big shy smile,

When you are in love,

You feel your heart sinking like a Titanic,

When you are in love,

Shakespeare, Yeats and poets  will make sense,

when you Are In Love,

Life will make sense,

When you are in Love,

Oh my God!!!

Love is What not,

Love is Everything,

Everything That I can imagine,

Love is What I do best!!!

Love is My only Errand!!!

Love is My Wonder-Land!!!

Love is where I wander,

Love is where I ponder,

Love is where I make sweet blunder,

Well, the Cliche is true,

Love is Life


Life is Love,

Love is a Circle,

You need someone to make one,

And for me,

You are my holding hands,

To circle Life Round and Round,

And for all coming Lifetimes,

I Don’t see anything and anyone around,

Beside you,

Your Aura,

Your charm,

Your moves,

Your Magic,

Your Moods,

Your glimpses,

And I see nothing Besides your presence!

For Me,

Love is What ever words you utter from your precious lips,

Love is everything that you do to make me smile,

Love is just your blissful touch,

Love is your never ending warmth,

Love is What I call


P.S I wish I could Paint my Heart Here and gift it You!

Sincerely Yours,

~*~*~I LOVE YOU~*~*~


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