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In Hamlet’s Helmet


In the heavens or in the space

A place between the lines,

Neither can go back

Nor can go ahead

Stuck, Just stuck in Hamlet’s Helmet…

May be the God with the Flute can answer,

May be the God with the Cross can reply,

May be the God with the moon and the stars…

The situation is such

I never wanted to indulge

To be or not to be , To do or not to do…

My being and my doing in halt…

My decision will surely not build a cult..


Day by Day I think of same thing…

And day by day I tend to forget it

My Denial at first caused me this

My refusal built this abyss!

Hamlet had to kill, Revenge to be fulfilled,

My situation is such

I kill myself day by day,

And yet I tend to live…

Two sides one side to choose

Another option is the other to lose,

Love and life walk hand in hand,

But sometimes forced to choose between Water and Land…

Like the mini lamp is covering the darkness,

Under which I am sketching my lines,

I have hopes to have both sides,

Happiness in both hands,

Love in both eyes,

Life in both body and soul.

Hamlet had to scheme and conspire,

My situation is such,

Its deem and I just want to inspire,

To get out of the coming excruciating pain,

Bu the problem is I let it out only through my pen,

My mind mumbles too much

And my brain blabbering so much…

People are stuck,

Trapped between choices,

Choices all necessities,

Choices all needs,

The one who can select from the needs,

Can be freed, from the initial to last deed,

But when you are trapped between the Voices,

Voices in your head,

The mind of Hamlet starts to beat,

Voices lingering amidst this or that…

Thinking too  much makes my wrinkles fat…

Voices of choices leave me nowhere but in Hamlet’s Hat!!!

No murder in my story,

Only it is a flop plot,

Audience are left just feeling sorry,

The future is Uncertain,

But the consequence sure to be a Burden,

Hamlet knew he had to assassinate,

The delay was definitely made,

Sadistic characters beginning to fade,

The God of souls slowly opening the Death Gate,

He knew rebels are not born without a Long Wait ,

Hamlet was holding back,

Just to pick up the Right Date!!!

The most frightening fact is Time,

It kills itself every time,

And time is the thing I don’t have,

To choose between, To stand to one side,

My Benignity versus My Dignity,

I am fading as I try to find a treaty,

Hamlet had to act, Act upon an event,

I have to act, Act upon a horrid future,

Hamlet had to sacrifice astonishing facts,

I have to sacrifice to repair the relations,

Hamlet had to obtain the Death Bed,

I too shall be in the same fate,

But for  now,

I am terribly stuck wearing Hamlet’s Helmet!!!




Escape into the flames of love,

Be gone and lost in paradise,

Open arms and free eyes,

Hair flowing in sea motion,

Like the water or more like Jellyfish,

Sunny Sunflowers blowing in the wind,

Circle this world round and round,

Was, is and will be my only wish,


While I dance and surround,

With a whitish pink dress making me flawless all around,

Black paint over my eyelids,

Pink cheeks and red rosy lips,

Daisy hugging me as my necklace,

All this and a smily glow comes to my face,

While I dance and rest at a green ground

I feel fresh shade over me,

I open my eyes and see,

See real Deep,

Like I promised to keep,

This glimpse more than a day,

More than uncountable,

March, April And May,

And suddenly during April you lay,

And suddenly during May I say,

And suddenly during March,

Together we stay,

In a way no one, nothing and anything could take away,

Our togetherness, Our world, and Our love,

This is undeniably hearty exclusively especial to us,

More than anything else above,

And we begin our real Escape,

Escape into the heaven of Love,

Sweeter than pineapples and grapes,

Beautiful than floating Dove,

We see the sun, the moon and the stars,

We see the world and someday also Mars!!!