Monthly Archives: February 2014

Random words…


The day has come the day has been seen
Everything in pain and joy at the same time
Everyone in tranquil and lost
A writer writes his words
A writress writes her words
How come its true
Is it actually theirs what they do?
A painter/ess paints his/her art
But are the colors theirs?
A worshiper cries out loud Oh my lord!!!
Does the lord lives in his heart or just in his lips?
Queries undeniable and eccentric and discreet…
I can’t speak for the world
I can’t speak for any of them
I can’t represent the nature
I can’t represent the artifacts
I can’t understand the manmade world let alone be the representation,
I can’t represent God for reasons far above me
I can only speak for me
The truth is i attempt actually
But someone once told me you don’t try! Either it is or not!
Only black and white No grey and trying is grey!!!
That was someone…
My journey in grey is trying to find my words…
I don’t remember where they come from..
I don’t know what is the source…
Sometimes i ease my soul,simply quoting ABCD to Z
Have my words have changed if it was ZABDG and so on…
Simple but hell of complications…
I get lost mostly writing…
May be speaking too..and then a gentle smile helps me cover my lost words
I never know where to find a conclusion once i start…
Well that is the question of the century “conclusion”
Death is not a conclusion i know for sure…
There is human memory…
I simply don’t have answer to anything…
I leave it to the universe! And
I leave it to time!