Monthly Archives: June 2013

Yesterday I talked to Happiness!





Yesterday, I talked to Happiness,

He was all good, beyond better

To see him, to notice him,

Subtle yet so little

He smiled and smiled in each words

The conversation was good, beyond better

He said he is not a dweller

He does not need a shelter

Majestic in tone and divinely Alone

He said he is a Nomad in a loan

Happiness was not mad, he was a Nomad,

Lost in words and spellings,

I asked what am I then?

You are no nomad, that is all I know

He said in a chirping voice but I know,

I know your Kind MAN;

Man can never be a Nomad but is always Mad!

Truth seems to come in my thoughts,

All they need was riot and caught,

Caught in action by this Majesty,

I was snapped

I was slapped,

By this rude person!


Lost in Life

Lost in conversation!

He showed some happiness tricks,

Like magic card tricks

I consoled he was definitely a freak,

Something clicks out of Happy tricks,

when it clicks out of life,

falls a big heavy monstrous truck of sad Bricks,


Happiness is a Nomad,

He does not stay, he stays for a second,

A second even time itself cannot count,

It is not one of the uncountable nouns,

A second that is just invincible and invisible,

Yesterday, he was there with me,

We had lovely dinner, lovely words to share,

A second to spend with Happiness,

I remember his last words to me, Crystal clear,

Yes! Yesterday I talked to Happiness, All Joyous and Juvenile,

He smile and he said he won’t be here for a while!!!






In Inside


In inside of my Brain

Thoughts of you pour like Rain,

I ask what do I gain?

In inside this precious pain!


Your thoughts follow me like a train,

If I was a field, you would be my only grain,

I know this madness might seem insane,

But it was madness that made man build an Air plane,

The picture is very plane,

Behind every word something vividly vain,

Thing called Love, A Love, Just The Love,

Each moment I prepare myself for you,

The Powders don’t glow me, Why? Have no clue,

AAh! its you, you bring the Glow in me, In us,


In inside of my heart I sing a song,

For our companion be stretched to too long and Long,

I compare you to my body parts,

If I am right, then you are my left Lung,


Oh ! My sweet sweet Love,

To what I compare you , sweet as a Dove,

My Words end with metaphors no more,

Because In inside of my heart and in inside of my brain,

“I love you” is the only thought I forever can Refrain!