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You and me


you move i move
you say i say
i come you go
i have you lose
i say you stop
i dream you break
i torture
i bleed
you happy
you love i hate
i love you hate
i take you throw
i see
you ignore
i die
you live
you die
i live
i m famous
you are pathetic
i am a skunk
you are an angel
i m devil
you are god
You are Me &
I am You!!!


I will miss!


We take one step ahead and mostly look back. Its human and its natural to look back, and just stare for a while and say,”Aww! I love you”,  ” Oh that was that”, “it was amazing”, “aahh!! My life”, ” OMG he was so cute”, “wow! that guy just gave me a look”, ” he was an ass hole”, ” it was one hell of a movie”, or just “miss those days”. But the thing is we move on, why do we move on?, may be because we have to, we have to get somewhere and collect days to miss and stare again and spell those words!

Our life is not exactly what we except actually. Some say, I am doing exactly what I want in Life and doing great. Some say, my life is perfect, drugs, alcohol, music, friends, partners and all. Some say I hate this life, its a complete burden to me. But lets, think and deeply think even we love our life so much, or hate our life so much, we always look back in our lives and pass at least a comment, just even with one word, we get reminded of what we love and hate both and some way some how, we all miss those days.

Your parents died. You miss your days when you had a family. You just lost heavily in a business, you miss your profit making days, you just broke up with your girlfriend/boy friend, and you are now sad, then you miss your days with her/him, your lover is  far away from you, then you miss those days when your lover was with you and moments spent together, you are working now and you miss your school days when you have so much anticipated about your future work and doing the same, but still you miss your school days, you miss your kids, you miss your wife, your brother, your country, your family, your friends, your relationships, and everything! You take one step and admit it or not you are missing the step you just took, as I am missing all the above written words pressed one after another! Actually, we miss our every breath and every heartbeat, every hair falls, every old clothes, every other eaten food, every other dead dogs, every thing.

At the age of 21, soon going to be 22 this May 2011, if I be able to still take the precious oxygen  this earth offers, as I have deep respect for Earth, not  because its my ruling planet, but its just too beautiful to live in this Earth, even though you cry, you smile, we depend on it, to live and to die… So at the age of 21, 5:08 pm(my country time) I write these words, as I miss every days that have passed, I will miss every single day that is going to come and on the list of the things that I am going to miss; I want to add Today! Yes I will miss today!

And when I die I will surely miss my family, my love and his presence, my friends, my belongings, my words, my poetry, my blogs, my computer, my favorite food, my precious precious purse, my cell phone, internet, people, strangers, mountains, my place, stars (may be I will be one of the stars), air, water, trees…Everything!

I will miss this world!

Until then, I will Keep on writing and missing and missing and writing all the time!!!


Sad Song


Had a sad song once ,
the song that killed me and threw all the blood upon my face,
pleaded to death to leave me,
leave my ears and run away,
Or else let my ears runaway,
but the power that diminished me,
was no joke, was no fun,was only breaking,
Abhorred it, cursed it, tried to end it,
but the song went on and on and on……..
like never before…felt the song would walk up to heaven,
going on and on and on…..
And claim the sit for its sin,
claim the throne of God to be its,
claim the evil sad song and with dignity it sits,
A song ruling upon beings,
Blessing was a wrong word,
the cursing was the blessing!
horrified and tortured,my eyes…
looked upon the sky,
the sky that was so pure and beautiful
became a combination of Red and Black!!!!
vacuum,empty,void,vacuity,blank…nothing nothing at all!!!
the blood still passing through my skin,
stopped smelling odd,
the air stopped blowing,
hot it became very hot,
eyes trying to pop out,
heart beat fast fast than ever ,
mind working like a injured machine ,
a only proper thought was my soul,
nothing in my body was mine…
All were Taken., taken by the sad sad song,
i console myself,
i try to soothe my hands,
i try to comfort my heart crossing it,
i try to cheer up, smile…
smile became a thunder ,
my heart became a big blunder,
the soul i trusted to be only mine,
left with sounds of the thunder,
i needed another proper thought…a thought ..just a thought..
i got the was a scream….yes …it can be the scream!!
i tried to scream..scream to death…
scream in every possible way,
scream in every possible style,
I did, i screamed, i did
just a scream, Scream, SCREAM!
All the while my eyes were closed,
someone opened them, and told..
“Don’t Worry It was Just A Bad Dream”

I DeSeRvEd


i could not say anything no more,

i have no more good words,

i am tired,



i am not here for forever,

i am not a tale,

not a joke,

not a song,

not a poem,

that can be heard, laughed upon , read or enjoyed,

every time, in all time,

i am a glass,

i am a soft silk,

that can be broken, and tore

i can be hurt,

an easy target,

deep inside,

i can be a famous victim,

victim of love, lust or whatever it may be,

that occurs,

that exists,

in the life called unknown,

and i am just another unknown life,

strange, dark, wet, tears…

may be it was something i wished for,

i dreamt of,

i charmed of,

i fantasized of,

i got what i deserved,

Yes i got what i deserved!!

I deserved!



Sleepless Nights, horrible dreams, bad signs,

In my heart, in my mind, in my hope,

evoked the darkness,

yet I am strong and carrying this heavy stone in me,

now, life has become heavy,

it has become a burden,

and the burden has become my tears,

Unpredictable, how things are in life,

Power full, so powerful is evil and devil,

I try and hide under the veil,

but existence in the planet like earth can not be hidden,

somebody in some ways in some place grabs your hair and will say Ha! I catch you now!!

That somebody can be human and more than that,

its unpredictable,

You just can not hide from anything here,

Run Run until your feet bleeds but You can never escape,

Unpredictable it is,

When you have to hide,

When you have to  run,

When you have to cry,

So Unpredictable,

Your life,

My life,





So Unpredictable!!!