Dedicated To Shakespeare

My words shall not even have proximity to thine’s, 
For thine’s words define pure and true love,
For thine’s words define sadness with contentment,
For thine’s words define then with now,
And for that I shall not be even closer to your shines.
Mine lines doth no shine like thine,
For thou’s inspires both example and sample,
Example of spiritual plus untouched love,
With the beauty of crying and clapping Dove,
Of which brought rain in vain eyes filled with gamble.
Ere’ any time, past known as simply “Before”,
Haply we vaguely saw past and lived it.
But thine’s creative pen opened the literary room door,
Thankyou! Thine’s words bestowed a literary room of marvelous expedite,
Room Aah!!! Embellished with past doom and gloom,
Tragedies, events, legends cum complete pictorial zoom.
Thus, Thine’s words and lines created a history,
A history of tears, miles, vows and victory.
Thine fine comic lines inspire every heart to smile,
Along with the humor of mesmerizing life file,
Life of spright beauty as universe having no mile,
A universe of funny fantasy achieving respect in bunch of pile.
Thou art, is the collection of the emotions,
Thee hath named my water as tears,
My silent senses embarking to be literature near,
With the notifications of thy art as my honest cum respectful admirable notions.

About BHavEEka

It was one sunny day when I came, it was one rainy day when I grew, It was one cloudy day when I wrote, It was one painful day when I cried, It was one happy day when I smiled, It was one lovely day when I was in love, It was one good day when I was a sister, It was one proud day when I was a Daughter, It was one lucky day when I lived, It was just one serene life, As it continues to strike me like a knife, Each moment I resume to live it... Each second I Close my eyes and Believe in it!

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