Truly complicated,

and hated,

I see then,

my thoughts same or insane,

You catch,

and i match,

i am here,

you are there,

more compli–cated

than ever

i am ill-fated

seemed like never

was i this hated

have no ink

going to sink

you don’t have any link

with me I think

since you are far

my eyes don’t blink

And its complicated,

For me ,

To live,

to feel,

to see,

without you I can’t,

Can’t even wink!!!

:( (((


About BHavEEka

It was one sunny day when I came, it was one rainy day when I grew, It was one cloudy day when I wrote, It was one painful day when I cried, It was one happy day when I smiled, It was one lovely day when I was in love, It was one good day when I was a sister, It was one proud day when I was a Daughter, It was one lucky day when I lived, It was just one serene life, As it continues to strike me like a knife, Each moment I resume to live it... Each second I Close my eyes and Believe in it!

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