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Dear Mom And Dad,


Dear Mom and Dad,
I miss you. I love you. Today, dad your unloving mom came and told us things that she might have told you when you were alive. But now she has decided to tell us those undesirable things. May be I don’t now totally blame our circumstance then, but now I blame your family Dad, our shit family where you were born and that is why you died because of them. Those inhuman people know nothing than property and money. We have lost you. We have lost Mom. What is remained in this world for us to loose now, I don’t have particular idea but now they have come to snatch your memories and the rights you should have got long ago. They have come in such shameful way; it is such a disgraceful thing to say even that I am born to this family where there nothing but only money counts.

I can curse I can curse real hard and curse them that they die and rot and rot and die in hell, but they have everything we don’t. And it’s just that we have lost you. The thought of that even shakes my strength, why this is and what is this. No wonder, they all have decided to take our house, our land and give us nothing that belonged to you Dad and I have no idea how you faced your own mother saying those words that today morning I had to hear. Such a ridicule these people are, every one of them is a big shit of disgust.

My sister is tough, she is emotionally strong. I am too. But when it comes to matters that relates to you, tears naturally fall from my eyes, my lips begin to shake, my heart begins to sink and my soul just cries that if only I had you both. Today, I cried like the day when you left, when mom left, I cried like a little baby in search of its mommy and daddy, when left alone. How can I describe what am I feeling rite now and why this way. Surely, my sister is also crying inside and crying hard but she does not show, after all she has to take care of her little sister, me. I screamed and I said where are we going to live, we have options but I don’t want to let go of what mom and dad had right on and what we have right on, I don’t want to let go of any of the things that belonged to you. I don’t. But now I guess I want to, because I don’t want to let go of my life my precious life given by you both, in dealing with these sinful people. I want to live my life as you have wanted. A dignified life. A really dignified one.

Now, they are saying, we should give our land too, because one of them put fire on your body mom. We never said them to help us in cremation. We even said that we would do by ourselves, but out of social sympathy they did, and now they are demanding their share of property from us, two little orphan kids, who have a small old really 60 years old house almost crooked like in horror movies and a piece of land, that doesn’t even have so much of worth value. This is all that we have got. And what in the world they are going to take from us. It would be my kindness to give them what they are demanding if they were poor and had nothing for living, but they all are filthy rich, they are rich Mom and Dad, but also they want things that belonged to you from us, how we are going to let go of things that belonged to you.

We can say, surely that we won’t give our house, our land, but then, the case would be concerned to court and I surely don’t want to be involved in this mess of legal matters. I don’t want to deal with these people, just had enough of these things. I am confused. We are confused. Please help us mom, dad, please come back, Please I beg you, please come back please, please please…

I am not strong, I am weak without you, I am just a little baby of yours, and I may be poor orphan for this world, but like every other child I want to hug you when matter like this come up, when every time I breathe, every time I live my everyday and each and every moment. I miss you. Please come back! Please Come Back!!!


Dedicated To Shakespeare

My words shall not even have proximity to thine’s, 
For thine’s words define pure and true love,
For thine’s words define sadness with contentment,
For thine’s words define then with now,
And for that I shall not be even closer to your shines.
Mine lines doth no shine like thine,
For thou’s inspires both example and sample,
Example of spiritual plus untouched love,
With the beauty of crying and clapping Dove,
Of which brought rain in vain eyes filled with gamble.
Ere’ any time, past known as simply “Before”,
Haply we vaguely saw past and lived it.
But thine’s creative pen opened the literary room door,
Thankyou! Thine’s words bestowed a literary room of marvelous expedite,
Room Aah!!! Embellished with past doom and gloom,
Tragedies, events, legends cum complete pictorial zoom.
Thus, Thine’s words and lines created a history,
A history of tears, miles, vows and victory.
Thine fine comic lines inspire every heart to smile,
Along with the humor of mesmerizing life file,
Life of spright beauty as universe having no mile,
A universe of funny fantasy achieving respect in bunch of pile.
Thou art, is the collection of the emotions,
Thee hath named my water as tears,
My silent senses embarking to be literature near,
With the notifications of thy art as my honest cum respectful admirable notions.

SHe Cried


She cried and just cried. She even could not know why she cried but she did all the time. She thought it is better to cry first then to laugh, it is better to be sad first then to be happy, it is better to suffer first then to be free, it is better to be lonely first then to be accompanied and she also felt to die first then to live the life she herself chose which she herself decorated and she herself destroyed. She called herself her own queen, she herself wrote her life, and she herself created her reasons to cry and she made herself lost in vanity. Why? You may ask! Why? Others may ask! Why? Everyone may ask! But she would not answer anyone or anybody. She just keeps quite, walks on her way to vanity, does not even stare at them, the people she hated because of whom she cried just had to cry. She imagined being killed by these people, she fantasized being in heaven, she then again regretted being re born and she again imagined being killed and so on…. She blamed every one for making her life miserable, for making her sweet water disguise into painful tears, for creating despair life, pliable heart and such a weak soul that she always got over whelmed with the simplest thing to the most complex thing. She got over whelmed in sadness, in loneliness, in pain, in suffering, in her tears, in deep thoughts and in her unseen heart. And she started to cry, she just started to cry… she tried to find out the reason for her screams and tears, she thought she blamed the people, she thought she blamed the whole world but that, she only thought.. She then looked in to mirror, deep very very deep. She could see many she in front of her, many many. Eventually she realized it was not them, it was not them at all, it was she herself who made her cry……..

Poetry That says Nothing but Truth


Incredibly came out of the womb,

Scattered bloods and vessels,

Screams louder than saxophone,

Blinks magical than snowflakes,

As it comes out, there is nothing,

No critiques, no judge, no fear,

Just a being is born,

Out of natural act of two humans,

A mere being called Baby is born,

Love is around it, everybody’s eyes on it,

But no love that is expected, no attention,

Just food and a mother’s milk

A baby is a being, expecting to be in mother’s lap,

And just be fed that is it…

Her baby is now an adorable child,

Playgrounds and toys,

Running and catching,

Football and doll’s house,

Kites and Barbie,

Hide and seek,

Fun and games,

Home works and class works,

Teachers and bullies,

And just turned the page,

Entered the teenage,

Wow! So beautiful it is,

First love, First kiss,

But pressure, Assignments… rules…parents…

Music…show offs…dress…fantasy and what not…

Then a little sober and serious with more fun and brain

Careers and money

Marriage and family,

Lands and properties,

Business and children,

Then, old age and death,

A complete truth story


It is a sad part,

Where Poets do not go through this process,

Rather, through unimaginable mess,

Crude and brute,

And that is why, their,

Poetry says nothing but Truth!!!

The Lonely Heart


The Lonely Heart

Now, today it’s been 12 lonely days and still the magic continues as I continue to live. Not that I am literally alone. Or I don’t have company of people. Neither that I don’t see people around me nor I don’t hope those sentences made any sense. I am talking about the lonely heart. It’s like in the movies actually. You get into the bus, there’s no seat for her and she just stands and stares the live outside actions, and gets down and goes to her office and does work and again the same bus story. It’s like that actually. Well, biologically speaking, a heart is always lonely, a person can not have two hearts or more, its just nature, and it is just so human. But still this heart is lonely means that there is definite existence of some other being.

An analogy would be enough to show this lonely heart. A girl comes back to her house, and the fortunate power is cut, and she is hungry like hell, point to be noticed no one in the house, no one expecting her in the house or home, she doesn’t probably know the difference, she opens her refrigerator, finds some weird tasting food and eats them with out any heat and goes to bed waiting for the light to come so that she can connect with the others, in the lonely world, but the fortunate light is too lucky to be not use of this pathetic little girl, not little actually, and then, tries her cell phone and tries to rings her lover in another state of the country, but the stupid network is blissful enough not to let them talk in this hour of solitude , she bangs her head in stupidity and feels tears in her eyes, and cries whole night, not because she got hit by some  wooden bed, but by the stinking isolation over and over again everyday. It’s like the tears flow beautifully… if any neon is reflected upon those tears then a sparkling fountain will be invented for sure.

Another day of isolation, one after another and calls to her lover are more frequent than ever, still the creeping sounds of loneliness creeps her out. Her lover is also more loving than ever, sweet messages, sweet voice, songs, beautiful words and everything. But she could not at the very moment have him and have lots of chats. Talks over phone calls are just too limited…money matters, so the lovers would talk 5 minutes instead of 1 hour because the world of communication is just too expensive. She still has a hope she will see him one day and have her way to her long waited dream fulfilled at last.

This is the lonely heart, a simple definition but for those who feel this way is in complicated situation called solitude and suffering. A person can have anything but not everything. Everything that is desired… and get everything discarded. A lonely heart falls under discarded category. No one wants to be in that situation and I mean no one, you need little bit of warm hugs at times, and when you are in long term phase of solitude even the thought of the warm hug makes your heart sink and freezes your warm blooded pumping heart.

But now the warm hug seems like an alien since its been ages and ages I hadn’t had one and now I guess I am accustomed to this and may be I would choose to be lonely if I am ever given the chance to live a non solitude life which will not be in this century, just because I am used to loneliness, I am not ready to face the non isolated life, I have joined my cold hands with solitude, and till death I will be a loner.

Suddenly, she got a call from her lover; he smiled and laughed like never before and spelled those magical words for her, “I am coming back for you love”, and her sank like never before greater sink than the previous one in solitude, having the bright eyes open again with tears but more happy tears, now the power is on, the lights are there and her heart just leaped up like in one of those patriotic poems but in more romantic way, she dressed up and put her fingers crossed and started a journey to a non solitude life.

However, the heart was lonely until her lover gave her warm hug that joined their muscles, their souls and their aura in such ways indefinable in words that the lonely heart just became a memorable myth never to come back again.



Truly complicated,

and hated,

I see then,

my thoughts same or insane,

You catch,

and i match,

i am here,

you are there,

more compli–cated

than ever

i am ill-fated

seemed like never

was i this hated

have no ink

going to sink

you don’t have any link

with me I think

since you are far

my eyes don’t blink

And its complicated,

For me ,

To live,

to feel,

to see,

without you I can’t,

Can’t even wink!!!

:( (((

i wish I couLd Be A cArtooN


I wisH I coUld be a CartooN,
I wish I coUld be animateD,
MolDed, recreaTed and opposite Hated,
Only loved, hugged and everyOne waiTing for CominG soon…

I WisH I coUld be a CartooN,
sMile and maKe everyOne smile like a CharminG MooN,
Make everyone feel lucky for this booN,
and Embelish love in the warmth of CocooN!

I wish I coUld be a CartooN,
aLways enterTaining even in boring mid after NooN,
Funny clips, funny Moves in channel TooN,
And the most Funny JOKE IS I AIN’T A CARTOON!!!