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Secret Nothing


Publicly shown, ripped off

no secret to hide and no secret to tell, every little detail is an open, open secret

you get seven letters in my reply,


Secret Nothing!

I have a separate world distinct from anybody else,

I tell you my secret,

Beyond your knowledge,

There is no secret nothing,

But one secret let me tell you!!

You are a being,

But alas I am a human being!!!




Flowers were blooming, actually I was. You were with me. What could be better than just you. You touched me and I bloomed like a sunshine may be better than sunshine. I captured your glimpse, I captured your smile and then, gave you back my precious smile just for you. Ahh!!!It was good, it was actually like a dream. My eyes closed, my hands hugging my sweet pillow with warm furry blanket red dim light upon me, few old newspapers. I was with you. we were playing, laughing and riding our black and silver horse. I was like the most happiest girl in the entire universe wearing a white dress, curled hair,bronze skin, with flowery crown rounded along my flowing hair and the horse greeting every time, sweet wind came touched my hair, my skin and you caught me whenever I was blowing in the wind. You were riding like a Prince, you are my Prince, and I was your Princess. Nothing in the world could stop us, we were riding in the green of greenest field, petals of roses on our way, Oh what a lucky horse it was to carry you and me and what a lucky place was to have us there to celebrate our love. A perfect wedding A perfect setting with perfect lovers.

I was still hugging my sweet furry pillow, this time more tightly. The red light became white, coming directly from the sun. I was in your arms, you were holding me like I was your breath, may be more than that, you were not letting me go, and I was not intending to be free at all from your strong arms with full of warmth. I felt like  I was dreaming, some where in my mind I knew it was real, you were real, I was real, our love was real.

But something was not. Was not at all. I was still hugging my sweet furry pillow. You were still hugging me. I was still not attempting to be free at all. Far Far Far at the distance I heard a sound, I thought it was trumpet, I thought it was guitar, I thought it was violin, I thought it was piano, I thought of every musical instrument, and i was immensely delighted to have these friends in my wedding, in my ceremony with you. The sound was far but yet was appealing. But it became more clear, it was no music. That sadden me hugely. It was like women singing in orchestra or in some kind of opera. And after the woman sang, there came a sound of man more husky,more manly or should I say more deadly.

You were still hugging me and not letting me go. But this time I was attracted by those man and woman singing, the sound was becoming clear and loud more and more. I wondered actually, who invited them. Not you and not me, and there were no one else in our dream just us. How can be there two other people. how? At this point I was angry.

I tried to let me free, but you wondered. That is no surprise. But I wanted to know. I wanted these people out of here. But you were indifferent how can you be indifferent? You were acting like you did not hear anything or you could not only I could. That made me more afraid.

The sound of woman was like gravity of earth, sun and planets combined. I could not help being free from you, Ahh!! that warm strong hug, I missed it so very much as soon as I was detached from you, your lovely arms. And your were running towards me in your black overcoat, you looked more than handsome, you were running towards me offering your arm to me. I was like flying, or something was pulling me, pushing me away just away from. I thought it was death bloody death that is making us apart. I was not sure either I was dying or you were dying. I was not sure at all.

Suddenly, I flew over the window. Now the light was already dark. I was afraid and I was alone. I was still backwards trying to have a single glimpse of you. But all in vain. But when the head decided to turn, and see what’s happening, I saw a woman and man faced to each other. It was no dream. Its reality. That made me panic a lot. But they could not see me why? I thank God for that. They were not singing in some orchestra or opera, they were screaming upon each other. The lady’s sound was chilling cold freezing and in like highest of volume, and the man’s sound was beyond description. They were shouting as if they were ghost and having some ghost fight. Thank God they could not see me. Out of human enthusiasm I tried to bend a little bit and see their faces, it was unclear. Both of them had long hair, really long hair, when I tried a more closer look, they stopped and turned their deadly face in my direction. I thought they could not see me. I thought they could not see. But it was all meant for me to see. They knew my existence. They knew where my beautiful wedding was taking place, and they dragged me here. I was destined to see them, hear them and get scared to death. I thought of my Prince and said good bye I love you because this time I really was going to be killed my these ghosts. But they began to turn to each other and scream in more loud sound. I ran from them, far far. But again something pulled me, or pushed me and there was some kind of pain in my stomach, it began to increase, and i was hastily following the darkness in vain, it became more painful and suddenly I flew towards the dim red light. My flight was of shock. My flight was of force. At that time I again thanked God at least I was away from those ghosts, but the red light began to be more and more clear and lighter. And it was 12:59 exactly I opened my eyes, still hugging my sweet furry pillow with sweat flowing like river and was wet to death. I was in my bed, this time it was too hot. This time I sincerely thanked God for it was all my ordinary dream. But I was angry for somebody snatched from me the dream of my dreams, my wedding dream, my ceremony with my Prince. I looked up and woke up my half body and sought for my cell phone. I was happy that my Prince has sent me message. And now I was normal and ready to dream again.

As soon as I closed my eyes, the Sounds of the Night began to sing in the darkness. The fight was going on. They were screaming right outside my house. The sounds of death. I closed my eyes deeply, closed my ears and tried to dream my wedding. But after all it was night of dead.  I was helpless and dared not to open the window.It was fearful, it was sounds of the night.

GOd or MAn


This is the story of not “once upon a time”,
Belief and love of a girl in an Acoustic rhyme,
A girl who loved only god and just hum his hymn,
As she thought falling for a man would be a crime!!!

Imagining God in the best way she could,
Venturing God to acquaint which she thought she should,
Implicitly worshiped him, never betray she would,
Until the day she saw a man who was a complete dude!!!

Now he passed over heart and soul,
Creating a new heart shaped hole in her heart as a whole,
Now he made her see a Beautiful rose in place of a ugly pole,
Creating whimsical felicity and silent smile which in her life played a very important Role!!!

Never before she felt like this,
This is love,’OH God’ how could she Miss!!
Just seeing and loving only him, despite there were plenty of Fish,
She knew her silent love won’t make him give her a nice Kiss!!!

Adamant feelings flowing to tell him how she felt,
With all fluctuating courage, she told, because of him her heart got melt,
Cupid threw not one but a bunch of Love Arrows surrounded by a belt,
Now, it was just him with whom her whole life dealt!!!

She felt in the midst of earth and sky,
After not getting any answer and just returned being shy,
With the hope and fear inside she could only spy,
Spy him with eyes shy in the sky imagining both of them fly very high!!!

Whatever she wrote it was only from her side,
Her feelings and dreamy dreams thank Lord! Good actor like her could hide,
Few acquaintances somehow she endowed because she didn’t have any guide,
God! she just wished only once him to glance at her side!!!

In the dim light of nature in the evening,
With whole lot of emotions she was sitting and it seemed like Raining,
Then he appeared meticulously and seemed vaguely outstanding,
Said nothing but 5 words “SORRY” then started thundering and lightening!!!

Before the rain her tears made her wet,
Became sad as good as hell, which no one could bet,
Just sounds of thundering and lights of lightening,she flew in a heart breaking tragic jet,
She tried to collect her heart and let time to make her unrequited love set!!!

Only happy she was to see him every day,
Just sending him her true love even from far far away,
‘Hard to see someone you love, Love someone else”
She felt snow in May and had worthless bill to pay!!!

She thanked him for making her feel like that,
Now, she moved on putting on a new hat,
She again thought of her Previous love(God) in the middle of the road she sat,
With red black blood on her hat but slept with Angelic white smile which was pretty fat!!!

Beautifying herself in a sparkling white dress,
she woke up in a place of no man made mess,
Just glanced happiness and ecstasy with no mark of loneliness,
The man she ever fantasized hugged her in warmthness,
He was the man and God of her Dreams,which she only could Guess!!!

It is Just Life!


Whatever I have started to write, whatever I will be writing, whatever I am thinking, whatever I will be saying,

Every word I speak and every word I Write,

May not have meaning, May not have sense,

Those things are just written

Those words are just kept,

Those letter are just there,

Just meaningless

As life is a meaning

collected with all the meaningless words and meaningless letters!!!