सरस्वती माता



                      ॐ श्री गणेशाय नम ॐ

स – सदा सदा शब्दको आशिर्बाद रहिरहोस ,

र – रात्री होस् या दिनहुँ होस् ,

स्  – स्वरमा होस् या आवाजमा,

व- वर र पर, तिम्रै महिमा ,

ती – तीरले झैँ ताकी सधैँ लेख्न सकू,


सरस्वती माता,

भाषा यो होस् या त्यो ,

बिषय संसार होस् या जीवन ,

दुख होस् या सुख ,

शब्दको बाहार तिमी मात्र  एक प्रमुख !

मेरा सबै शब्दहरुमा, मेरा सबै बिषयहरुमा,

हावा बनी साथ दिनुहोला ,

मेरा शब्दहरुले त्यो हावालाई हरेक स्वास – प्रसासमा  राख्न सकोस् ,

र मेरा बिषयहरुले त्यो हावालाई लिई बाच्न  सकोस् ,

सरस्वती माता,

तिमी मात्रै हौ यी सबै सबै शब्दहरुको मूल दाता !!!




Dreams Uploaded

The smiling tears

The happy ache,

Winter with warmth,

Summer with sun,

Hands with hands,

Love, love and love,

Life of fun,

Heart gets pounded,

Greenary surrounded,

Sadness grounded,

Happiness founded!
Dreams downloaded,

Smile fake tears,

Pain gain vain,

Limitations unlimited,

Life, love fixated,

Season cloudy gloomy,

Rush mess fuss,

Showy fancy unreal,

Heart cold feel,

But However Nevertheless,

Run ruin Race,

Pretend Act Face,

Allowed with Grace!

Till Five


Till five the eyes are closed

Before that it is open 

Open till each circle

The stick makes,

But sometime the eye fakes,

And shakes, takes rest,

Sometime the body takes,

A heap of lovely baked cakes,

But sometime the brain just makes,

Unusual stuffs that just bluffs,

Sometime the whole being feels like a Parvenu

Placed, attached, glued

In a very wrong venue,

But all the time, through out past, present and future…

The venue was self chosen,

The venue is right since the beginning

So many lives it is sustaining

And the question arises…

Now, the self not chosen or imposed,

The venue and the self not proportional…

Both are negtively un-dimensional

Suddenly, it is Five thirty…

The eyes are open,

The venue and the self disappeared,

Then, I wake up accepting there is not a single thing to be feared!

Nature’s Call


To read and to write,

Definitely, not a basic need,

But to know the human side,

So intricate and yet delicate,

Need becomes indebted to creative seed,

To eat and to drink,

Definitely, a basic need,

But to live a blissful life,

One’s heart must learn to suffice,

When comes a time of happiness,

One must learn to share the space,

And to cry or to laugh ,

Shake hands that are soft as well as tough,

There’s so much to take,

Even when one’s life is at stake,

Difficult to make us awake,

We, only know how to fake,

Love manufactured in our human hearts,

We are the only ones,

Responsible for fortune cookies to bake,

And make the rotten humanity a Happy Cake!
Most intelligent of All,

With computers and buildings high and tall,

We’ve exceeded beyond the Great Fall,

Living in a bubble, Assumptions of mother earth as party hall,

The forgotten fear, the limited wall,

One must open eyes,

Hours later the party ends,

The hall to be emptied with sudden Nature’s Call!!!



Could any of eveything be alright?

Will ever this life be normal?

Could the tears stop?

Will the smiles return?
For the first time, I feel there is nothing to write,

My words are faded, my words are crying,

I look at the ceiling, and in the seconds time I could be crushed under it,
They say, the plates are shaking,

But hearts are shaking, Lives are shaking…

If this shake could ever change to a delightful dance,

May be, From this May mother Earth trying to give us a last chance…

A chance to be humane, 

A chance to learn to respect,

A chance to be kind,

A chance to give, 

A chance to live and let live,

A chance to rise above,

A chance to Love!
Houses are just dust and broken bricks,

Temples are just a place to mourn,

Now, at this time, exactly this second,

A numb feeling exists in everyone’s hearts,

And I wonder why would people create bomb bards,

In a world, where nature’s bombs are ready to lunch, ready to hunt…

Foolishness prevails, thar’s why we wail!
Death awaits everyone,

May be now, he is also tired, tired of himself,

Earth awakes everyone,

Certainly, she is angry now,

Death must follow Earth’s rule,

Untill she is rested and cool!
No one is to blame here,

Nothing but just to Fear,

Fear the amalgamation called Dearth!


May has returned, sweet sweet May…
Flowers have returned
Smiles have returned 
Peace has returned
Taken back by the beauty of yours
This world is now whirling,

Oh love has returned 
Cute cries and small hapinness,
Everything pretty things have returned,
May… What have you summoned?

The only thing is, the only fate is, the only tragic plight of us is…
They all have returned 
Not to us 
To a happy place
Not here 
Not a happy place anymore,
They have returned far away…
With no signs not even like stars and moon…

Leaving us with nothing but only…
Fears and Tears!!!

In Hamlet’s Helmet


In the heavens or in the space

A place between the lines,

Neither can go back

Nor can go ahead

Stuck, Just stuck in Hamlet’s Helmet…

May be the God with the Flute can answer,

May be the God with the Cross can reply,

May be the God with the moon and the stars…

The situation is such

I never wanted to indulge

To be or not to be , To do or not to do…

My being and my doing in halt…

My decision will surely not build a cult..


Day by Day I think of same thing…

And day by day I tend to forget it

My Denial at first caused me this

My refusal built this abyss!

Hamlet had to kill, Revenge to be fulfilled,

My situation is such

I kill myself day by day,

And yet I tend to live…

Two sides one side to choose

Another option is the other to lose,

Love and life walk hand in hand,

But sometimes forced to choose between Water and Land…

Like the mini lamp is covering the darkness,

Under which I am sketching my lines,

I have hopes to have both sides,

Happiness in both hands,

Love in both eyes,

Life in both body and soul.

Hamlet had to scheme and conspire,

My situation is such,

Its deem and I just want to inspire,

To get out of the coming excruciating pain,

Bu the problem is I let it out only through my pen,

My mind mumbles too much

And my brain blabbering so much…

People are stuck,

Trapped between choices,

Choices all necessities,

Choices all needs,

The one who can select from the needs,

Can be freed, from the initial to last deed,

But when you are trapped between the Voices,

Voices in your head,

The mind of Hamlet starts to beat,

Voices lingering amidst this or that…

Thinking too  much makes my wrinkles fat…

Voices of choices leave me nowhere but in Hamlet’s Hat!!!

No murder in my story,

Only it is a flop plot,

Audience are left just feeling sorry,

The future is Uncertain,

But the consequence sure to be a Burden,

Hamlet knew he had to assassinate,

The delay was definitely made,

Sadistic characters beginning to fade,

The God of souls slowly opening the Death Gate,

He knew rebels are not born without a Long Wait ,

Hamlet was holding back,

Just to pick up the Right Date!!!

The most frightening fact is Time,

It kills itself every time,

And time is the thing I don’t have,

To choose between, To stand to one side,

My Benignity versus My Dignity,

I am fading as I try to find a treaty,

Hamlet had to act, Act upon an event,

I have to act, Act upon a horrid future,

Hamlet had to sacrifice astonishing facts,

I have to sacrifice to repair the relations,

Hamlet had to obtain the Death Bed,

I too shall be in the same fate,

But for  now,

I am terribly stuck wearing Hamlet’s Helmet!!!